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On a Saturday night since away back when They swept out the hall and the folks came in Wax can shakin to the bands' first song Hardwood floor about a half mile long 4 acre field fulla trucks in line where the dancers dance and the fighters fight They worked all week then they all came out To the church or the barn or the old school house At a small town dance where we all would go Since I was a little kid on a coat on the floor A small town dance’ll make you feel alright and get to bed a little sooner on a Sunday night Well my dad rode over to the neighbours place rawhide strap around a banjo case rollin back a rug in a living room or pickin’ at a party at the Cypress school Bonspiels grads and rodeos Table Rock, Maple Creek and Buffalo Elkwater, Wisdom, new years ball Clearwater, Walsh & the Bindloss hall Well the band at wedding at the hall last night Didn’t sing so great but they played all right My two left boots, made a real good try At a two step, polka and a butterfly Coffee perk, sugar cubes, styro cups Midnight lunch till I lost my buzz Tried to find my truck There’s a chill outside When we pulled in the yard just before daylight at a small town dance best kind I know since I was a little kid on a coat on the floor get your brand new jeans make them old boots shine can’t wait to see you there again next time

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